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We’re a team of biomedical experts with in-depth expertise in immunopeptidomics, determined to facilitate the development of safer, effective therapeutics.

Our mission

Our mission is to offer the highest quality immunopeptidomics analysis as a service. We want to make this technology available for all biotech companies.

Our technology can advance the development of vaccines, (immuno)therapeutics and precision medicine by providing quick and accurate identification of immunopeptides through our advanced immunopeptidomics platform. Leveraging mass spectrometry technology, our platform enables the fast identification of immunogenic peptides with ultra-high precision, empowering life science, biotech, and pharmaceutical companies to develop highly effective, safe, and even personalized therapeutics that address unmet medical needs.

Our vision

Our vision is to market an innovative, state-of-the-art technology which has multiple applications for the development of protein drugs (e.g. major improvements R&D vaccine development, superior immunogenicity testing during (pre)clinical phases of development of protein drugs)

Our values

  • Deliver high quality at each step of our workflow
  • Be a true interaction partner for our clients
  • Deliver fast

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