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An extra level of support, tailored to the specific needs of any project.

Offer a unique combination of services and expertise to optimize client specific drug development processes.

Tailored solutions for diverse company needs in drug development.

ImmuneSpec provides a broad range of services that meet the specific needs of pharmaceutical and biotech companies. Our platform supports clients in various fields throughout the different stages of the biotherapeutic development process.

With ImmuneSpec, you can access state-of-the-art facilities and leverage our in-depth expertise in immunopeptidomics. We offer a unique combination of techniques and knowledge to obtain immunogenic data, which can significantly improve the design and development of biotherapeutics.

Enhance clinical trial success: mitigate risks of adverse events in biological trials.

Simplify the drug development process by identifying immunogenic areas early on.

An extensive immunogenic profile of target compounds obtained by state-of-the-art MAPPS analysis helps to ensure the project stays within budget and meets timelines. It promotes a robust R&D strategy and enables safe monitoring of clinical trials by facilitating the selection of high-quality leads and providing deep insights into the compound's safety and efficacy features.

Facilitate market access with data on quality, safety and efficacy.

An extensive determination of the immunogenic profile of a biotherapeutic facilitates the evaluation of its safety and efficacy.

ImmuneSpec's state-of-the-art platform generates a thorough understanding of a compound's immunogenic areas. It provides the necessary data to demonstrate how a biotherapeutic aligns with regulatory requirements, thus facilitating approval for market access.


Explore immunopeptides within your specialized research domain.

Discover immunogenic characteristics of a compound, whether it is aimed at evading or enhancing an immune response.

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"I  was blown away by the level of expertise, the great communication, thought partnership and superior results. ImmuneSpec was able to handle highly complex experimental designs, large numbers of samples and provide the highest peptide yields, while being faster than any other company we have worked with in the past."

Daniel Leventhal

Generate Biomedicines

Because antigen discovery for the large and complex parasite ‘Leishmania’ has known a deadlock for many decades, we approached the ImmuneSpec team to undertake immunopeptidomics analysis on skin biopsies and organ aspiration samples from leishmania patients. They tackled the challenging starting material with great enthusiasm and successfully created the first-ever mapping of biologically presented peptides in leishmaniasis patients. This will significantly expedite vaccine development for this neglected tropical disease affecting remote and impoverished communities.

Wim Adriaensen

Institute of Tropical Medicine Antwerp

“We are excited to partner with an outstanding team of scientists who provide cutting-edge immunopeptidomics services with remarkable flexibility and timely delivery”

Sofie Pattijn


"Encouraged by recent publications that many lncRNA-derived peptides could be more precisely detected with HLA-I peptidomics, our team reached out to the ImmuneSpec team. We selected the team among a range of companies as they provide full service - from MHC complex purification to refining MS results for identification of peptides with highest quality. They have access to one of the most precise MS instruments for such specific scientific questions and are very dedicated to give exhaustive information and are very proactive on all the steps of analysis."

Antonin Morillon

Institut Curie

An advanced drug development process.
The benefits of immunogenic profiling.

The identification of a compound's immunogenic areas shows beneficial effects at different stages of the drug development process.

Design & development
Thorough understanding of a drug’s structure & epitopes. Supports solid selection of high quality candidates, with low immunogenic potential.
Detailed overview of a compound’s immunogenic areas. Optimize drug design, select appropriate animal models and predict immune responses.
Monitoring the immune response. Optimize clinical trial design by identifying specific immune responses to a drug by different patient populations.
Demonstrate safety and efficacy. Additional data to facilitate the evaluation of a drug’s safety and efficacy.
Design & development

Select high-quality candidates


Optimize biotherapeutic drug design and predict immune responses.


Identify the culprit of unwanted immune responses during clinical trials

Market access

Collect additional data to demonstrate safety and efficacy with confidence.

Get your target compounds analyzed

Experience the benefits of our high-quality products and exceptional service.